Installation of an Electronic Combination deadbolt lock

Quite frequently, my customers seem afraid about purchasing one of these locks, and most of the time when I ask them why, they respond that they’re concerned they might have to modify their door in some way, and most do not feel up to that task.

I quickly put their mind at ease and inform them that most brands–Schlage being my lock of choice–make installation a breeze.  If the hole is a modern 2 3/6″ hole, then there is nothing to worry about.  Everything is designed to fit easily through the existing cut-out, and the instructions which come with most of them are quite explicit, yet easy to understand.  Even as a locksmith, I too, at first was concerned about what it might take to install such a lock, so I bought one and installed it on my door.  Since that time, I’ve installed several for customers–many preferred having me do it.

As many observed, I explained to them each step in the process, and they were amazed at the relative simplicity of the process.  I further informed them that if they purchased one of their own for another door, that if they ran into any problems, I’d be happy to assist.  This puts their minds at ease, and has garnered many a new customer for me!

The locks I use are relatively low cost, and if you, the customer, play your cards right, they are often on sale.  As i stated before, my favorite is the Schlage FE595PL.  Electronic combination Deadbolt

It is for residential and light commercial use and has suited the needs of myself and my customers for some time now.  They come in a variety of finished and styles.  Check one out today, and if you have any questions about them, feel free to drop by!

Here is the Schlage Electronic Combination Deadbolt lock which I use on my shop door–note the finish is 26D (stainless steel).  It is just one of a few options available.  Stainless Electronic deadbolt

I plan on doing other reviews of various Electronic Combination deadbolt locks in the future, so stay tuned!  Bear with me, because sometimes I can be slow, especially since I’m relatively new to all this website stuff!

Jeffrey Brown

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